Snow Day Policy



In the event of stormy weather, school cancellations/delays will be announced through our Connect-Ed system and on the television and radio stations . In addition, you may also see the cancellations/delays broadcast on TV (Channels 4, 5, & 7). If there is a NO SCHOOL DAY OR A DELAY announcement for the Worcester Public Schools, this applies to our school as well.

Before School Program:

If your child is currently registered for the Before or After School program you may bring him/her to the school at these times:

One Hour Delay - 8:30 am

Two Hour Delay - 9:30 am

Early Dismissal:

Please read carefully.  Usually our school is not effected by early dismissal as our school is on the last bus tier and by the time the buses arrive it is 3:00 pm anyway.  However, in the past they started dismissing before the snow even started.  Therefore, an “early dismissal” announcement on the radio stations means that you should plan for your child’s early arrival at home. We will no longer be able to hold the buses here until 3:10 pm.  THIS POLICY EFFECTS BUS CHILDREN ONLY.  We will make a Connect-Ed phone call alerting you to the announcement.

All Others:

If at any time during wintry weather you wish to pick up your child/children early please feel free to do so by coming directly to the Main Office.  From there we will call your child/children for dismissal. You do not need to call the school prior to picking up your child on days of severe weather.

After School Program:

When it is snowing during the school day, or if snow is forecast for afternoon or evening, the After School Program MAY be canceled or closed early. Again we will make a Connect-Ed call. We ask that parents pick up children before 5:15 pm when there are dangerous weather conditions. The After School phone number is 508.753.5089.

Emergency Cards:

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind parents that if any corrections on the emergency cards or the Connect-Ed form please send a note to the Main Office. These emergency numbers become increasingly important during the winter months.