Tuition Reduction Program

Fair Share Work Hours

For those families not familiar with the Program, St. Peter Central Catholic School participates in an optional program to reduce tuition costs each year.  Parents choosing to participate in this program must fill out a service agreement and work the hours each year in order to qualify for the reduction.

The fair share work hours’ program allows families to deduct a maximum of $300 per year, off the cost of the oldest child’s tuition at St. Peter Central Catholic School.  The tuition reduction is in the form of a credit to your account, which is generated by the diocese once your hours have been confirmed and submitted by the school.

There are many different ways a family may receive credit for work hours.  However, a service agreement must be on file at the school in order to receive any reduction in tuition through the diocese.

Credit for work hours is given at 15 hours of service and 30 hours of service.  The Office of Student Accounts credits your statement following the submission of confirmed hours by the school.  A submission of 15 confirmed hours is credited as $150.  A submission of 30 hours is credited as $300.  All families should maintain a personal record of these hours for verification.  Anyone wishing to receive credit for hours must sign an attendance sheet for each event they work.  Hours will be tracked and tallied on a computer.  You will not be given credit for the hours if the event chair or contact person does not have your name on the attendance list

It is our hope that parents will serve on committees and volunteer in school regardless of service hours.  Our community thrives on parent support.

To download a copy of this Service Agreement information 

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To download the Service Agreement sign-up form and a list of Service Hour Descriptions, visit our Document Page.