Administration of Medication

Administration of Medication:

The following policy, procedure and administration of medication form will be used for administering any medication during school hours. * This includes both prescription and over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup, etc.

The school department, under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 112, Section 808, cannot administer any type of medication including over-the-counter medications to students without doctor’s orders.  If medication is to be given in school, parents must receive orders for the administration of that medication from the child’s physician.  If there are no written orders from the child’s physician, the medication will not be given.

The school has the basic duty of educating children; yet involved in this lies the duty to provide for their safety, health, and welfare.


This policy for the administration of medication in school is designed to protect the health of the child and the health of the child and the rights of the staff.


Prescription Medication and Non-Prescription Medication:

Medication shall be administered by the school nurse provided that:

  • The school nurse has on file the “Administration of Medication” form properly completed.
  • The “Administration of Medication” form must be complete and filed with each school nurse and whenever the prescription is changed by the physician.  Orders must be renewed each school year.
  • All medication should be kept properly safeguarded in the principal or nurse’s office.



The principal or nurse shall have the right, with just and reasonable cause, to refuse the administration of medication.

  • No self-administration of medication will be permitted.
  • No child is to transport medication to or from school.  All medication must be brought to and from school via the parent or other responsible adult.
  • All medication must be properly labeled and in the original container.

*  If the medication to be administered falls under the classification of “psychotropic drug” as defined in Mass Gen. Law, Chap. 71 Sec. 54B, then the Dept. of Public Health’s Application for Administering Psychotropic Drugs” will be used.