St. Peter Central Catholic Elementary School Parent Association

Welcome Parents,

The new school year has finally arrived. The children appear to be happy and excited to be back in school. They are getting reacquainted with old friends whom they haven’t seen for a few months, looking forward to new projects in their classes and meeting new friends.

This is just how your new Parent Association officers feel. We are looking forward to working with those parents who have historically given to the school their talents, efforts, and their time (a very precious commodity to every parent).

We are also looking forward to the many projects and activities planned for the coming school year. These functions and activities are fun, pull our community (parents, children, teachers, and administrators) together, and are a lot of work to organize and run! The following few pages highlight these activities and how people can become involved and contribute to their success. These are challenging projects, but by pulling together for our children, wonderful and lasting relationships with other parents are formed.

What is most exciting though is the opportunity to meet new parents and welcome them to the Parent Association. Not only do we refer to first year parents when we say “new parents” but also to those parents who have had children in the school in previous years but have not been actively involved with the Parent Association. It is our goal this year to provide an atmosphere that will encourage all our parents to feel welcome and come together with other parents to enhance their children’s educational experience.

In conclusion, we feel that the success of any organization depends upon its ability to focus on a clear and concise purpose for its existence. Let the following mission statement stand as our public commitment to provide a quality experience for our school, our fellow parents, and - most importantly - our children.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to coordinate the many talents and skills of our parents to enhance our children’s educational experience. While celebrating the vast diversity of cultures and backgrounds our school blends together, we recognize the common thread we all share - the willingness to make personal sacrifices so that our children may have the best educational experience possible. May Jesus Christ bless our community and let us unite around this value we all share and thereby strengthen our community and provide that experience our children so richly deserve.

Hospitality Committee: (Chaired by the P.A. Vice President)

  1. Shall organize and host a “Welcoming Reception” for all new parents.

  2. Shall circulate during the social part of the meetings to make sure all new parents are introduced to already existing members of the Association.

  3. Shall organize and host the Open House for new students and families.

  4. Shall organize and host the “Appreciation Breakfast/Luncheon” for teachers at Christmas and during Teacher Appreciation Day.

  5. Shall organize and host the “Communion Breakfast” on the first Sunday of Catholic Schools Week.

  6. Shall organize and host the “Spring Musical” refreshments.

  7. Shall be responsible for keeping all hospitality equipment and having an inventory of the same equipment.

  8. Shall organize with Administration the pastor luncheon during Catholic Schools Week.


Christmas Fair Committee:

The Christmas Fair has many different jobs and most people find the work very enjoyable.   Please keep in mind that preparation meetings and gatherings are not considered to be service hours.   Service hours are accumulated on the day of the event.   This event will not cover a 30-hour commitment by itself.  


Spree Day Committee:

Spree day is a full day of fun for the school children.   This event falls at the end of the school year in the month of June.   People choosing this option will receive tuition credit for the following school year.   This is because the diocese has already closed the budget for the current year prior to the occurrence of this event.   This event encompasses varied tasks each year.   If you have a relative talent for fun day activities, you should specify your interest or talent when choosing this option.   This option alone will not fulfill your 30-hour requirement alone.   When choosing this option, please bear in mind that service hours are inclusive of the day of the event only.   This would cover 6 to 10 hours maximum.


Auction Committee:

Our annual Auction is our school’s largest fundraiser. Help is needed for committee work such as gift solicitations, organizational tasks, set-up and new ideas.


There are several different choices within this assignment.   Kitchen work is divided into 2 time slots.   You may sign up for 3:00-6:00pm slot or the 6:00-9:00pm slot, or both.  Kitchen duties include preparing fast food items, tracking cash sales and assorted other kitchen duties.   Floor work consists of sellers 3:00-6:00pm and 5:00-8:00pm, verifiers 6:00-9:00pm and callers 6:00-9:00pm.   If you sign up for Bingo, you can expect that you will be able to fulfill your 30 hours of service during the year.

Book Fair:

The School Book Fair runs 4 days each spring in the month of May.   People who sign up for the book fair need to understand that because the book fair week runs late in the year, those hours completed are credited toward the following year's tuition.   This is because the final tuition payment is due prior to the occurrence of this event.   People who choose this option do a variety of tasks such as set up, breakdown, stocking, ordering, running classes to and from the fair and miscellaneous tasks.   It is possible to complete most, if not all of the 30 hours if you are present each day and family night.


St. Patrick's Day Float:

Construction and decorating of the float to participate in Worcester’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Commitment of this time is in March each year.


Candy Drive:

Volunteers are needed to organize the orders, unload the candy when delivered and to distribute it to the classrooms.


Summer Maintenance:

This particular category varies greatly as the needs of the building vary from year to year.   General assistance may include painting, cleaning, landscaping and general miscellaneous tasks.   If you have experience in plumbing, electrical, carpentry or maintenance, there may also be a place for you here.