June 15, 2017

School News/Reminders


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Have a fun and safe summer!


Dear Parents and Guardians,

          Another school year has come and gone!  The days seem to move faster every year.

We have enjoyed being part of your child’s educational journey.  It is hard to imagine that there is a more challenging or rewarding profession than teaching.

          We sent forty-two, eighth graders off to the schools of their choice.  We are proud of their success at St. Peter’s and know that they will carry that knowledge and the light of Christ with them on their next adventure.

          Enjoy the summer sun and relaxation that comes from an easier routine.  Please remember to read to or with your child, yes even the big kids.  All of our research shows the importance of reading for at least twenty minutes per day and shared reading.  Remember if your child sees that you make reading a priority they will model what they learn.

          Keep close to God, enjoy His gifts and be thankful for we are all blessed to be where we are and surrounded by love.

May God bless you all with His love and peace.


Meg Kursonis



Spree Day: If you are volunteering for Spree Day please be sure to wear a BLUE SHIRT.  If anyone would like to donate a watermelon please send it to school on Spree Day. Thank you in advance for your donation. Students may wear their gym uniform for Spree Day.

Thank you in advance to our volunteers.  In order to make Spree Day a success it takes your dedication and commitment to our school.  We appreciate all you do for SPCC. Have a fun Spree Day!  Remember Mrs. G. is watching.


Congratulations to our Student Athletes!  These Students represented SPCC with pride and good sportsmanship.  Thank you Mr. Coonan, our Athletic Director for all you do for our school.  A special thanks to our coaches we could not do this without your love, dedication and support to our students and our school.

Team                                                 MVP                                      Coaches' Award


Cross Country                                 David Splaine                       James Reidy

                                                          Morgan Kennedy                  Maura Hoban


Field Hockey                                    Elin Kaufman                        Ariana Lester


Soccer                                              Randy Guarango                  Sean-Patrick Houssan 


5th/6th Boys                                      Jacob Chaisson                    Domenic Selvitelli

5th/6th Girls                                       Leah Joinville                       Tess Fuller

                                                           Gwen Marcotte


7th/8th Boys                                       Christian Rivera                    David Brissette

7th/8th Girls                                        Shelby Wessell                     Brenna Joinville


Male Athlete of the Year: David Brissette

Female Athlete of the Year: Shelby Wessell

Athletic Director Award:  Jillian Reynolds           



Attention Worcester Residents ONLY:   The Family Income Survey’s are due in the Office now. Worcester Residents ONLY.  This survey is very important in determining the allocation of funds and grants for our school.



Worcester Residence Only: IMPORTANT BUS INFORMATION The Worcester Public School Transportation Department has issued an online application for buses for the 2017-2018 school year.  Every child living in Worcester who will be riding the bus to or from school must complete the online application.  The Worcester Public School Transportation Dept. will create Bus Stops according to the applications they receive.  This application is per child not per family. The letter from WPS was sent home last week. (This letter is located on our website at stpetercentralcatholic.com)


The website address for this application is:

TransApp.worcesterschools.  (do Not use www.)

School Name: St. Peter’s Central Catholic

User Name: spc01610           Password: F89B25615DE6

If a completed Application is Received By: Transportation Will Begin By:

July 31, 2017                                                         First day of school

August 28, 2017                                                    September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017                                              September 25, 2017

End of Day Monday, From Sept. 25 –June 2018  The Next Monday



Notes from the Office:  Please notify the Office if your child/children are not returning to St. Peter’s for the next school year.  The Office will send you a transfer of school records form to be complete and signed.  NO RECORDS will be released to another school unless you complete and sign a Transcript Release Form.


*If you have not returned your School or Emergency Cards they are overdue. Please send them to the office tomorrow.  Our notification system for summer information is based on this information.


*Summer Reading and Projects will go home on Wednesday, June 21.  All reading lists and projects will be available on our website as well.


*Report Cards will go home on Wednesday, June 21, pending the remittance of all balances due, (such as consumable workbook fees, candy and the Extend Day Program).


*If you are looking for information during the summer please check our website summer reading/projects, gym uniform order forms, bus information, physical exam forms etc. will be located on or website.


*Information regarding before and after school will go home in August.  You should expect a note from your child’s new teacher just days before schools opens. 


*A supply list for the next school year will be available on our website. There will be additions to this list during the first couple of days of school.


* Our website is www.stpetercentralcatholic.com  and also visit us on Facebook.



Note from the Nurse:

Medication: If your child has medication in the nurse’s office it must be picked up by Tuesday, June 20.  Please remember NO MEDICATION WILL GO HOME WITH YOUR CHILD.  PARENTS MUST PICK UP ALL MEDICATION.




We are planning to have our “twice around” sale in June this year. We feel this will give you time to go to the twice around sale and also purchase what you need through J. B. Pride (uniform company).  The dates are 6/29 from 3-6 and 6/30 from 9-12 We hope this will be convenient for everyone. Your used uniforms may be dropped off at any time.  Thank you.



Please note the following dates and times:

6/19           Spree Day

6/29           Twice Around Uniform Sale from 3-6

6/30           Twice Around Uniform Sale from 9-12




8/30            First day of school (Grades 1-8)

8/31            First day of school - Kindergarten

9/5              First day of Pre-K

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