St. Peter Central Catholic Preschool

Learning through discovery, creativity and imagination



We, the faith community of Saint Peter Central Catholic, provide a caring atmosphere for the students in Preschool through Grade Eight.  Within our Catholic, diverse community, we strive to welcome, educate and acknowledge each individual.  We nurture the intellectual curiosity and spirit of all.  We are committed to treat all that we encounter with respect, love and mercy.  We are called to be Disciples of Christ’s love.


The purpose of this program is to offer opportunities for each child to grow in a safe, nurturing and loving atmosphere that is trustworthy and respectful. Curriculum foundations stem from a dedication to develop the whole child spiritually, emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially. 

Each child is recognized as an individual with a different timetable for growing and learning.  All children are encouraged to develop confidence, independent thinking, and independence in caring for himself/herself.  In order to help each child grow to his/her fullest potential, the preschool strives to enrich the environment of the child so that he/she gains strength as he/she grows spiritually, emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially.  The program is designed to benefit children age three to five years old, regardless of national origin, religion, sex, and disabilities.


Our program provides service to children and their families, regardless of sex, race, religion, cultural heritage, national origin, or disabilities.  We are dedicated to building self-esteem, encouraging problem-solving, and developing creative opportunities that enhance the growth and development of each child.  Process, but not perfection, is valued at our preschool.   We understand that children learn through repeated experiences, socialization, play, and interactions with people and materials.


We encourage your participation, and would be happy to assist you in finding a way for you to be a part of our school community.  Parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged.  There are many opportunities for you to participate in the education of your child.  We offer parent occupation days, and varied educational experiences.

Our program offers a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.  A flexible schedule allows our teachers to meet the individual needs of each child. As we are aware that children grow at varying rates, opportunities are provided for social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development.  Our teachers offer choices, encourage independence, and respect individuality in a caring nurturing environment, where children are respected and encouraged.


  • To develop an awareness of God.
  • To promote the establishment of a positive self-image and the development of autonomy.
  • To develop the acquisition of language skills in a supported environment
  • To foster social competence and growth of interpersonal skills.
  • To extend children’s natural curiosity by encouraging the development of critical thinking, questioning, exploration, and the discovery and acceptance of new challenges.
  • To promote the development of small and large muscle control, balance, coordination, body and spatial awareness.
  • To assist parents in becoming an active participant in their child’s education.
  • To promote the appreciation and respect of differences among children including those with special learning needs.


Parents are the first teachers and the most important adults in a child’s life. To help bridge the gap between school and home and develop a sense of community, parents are encouraged to contribute their skills, talents, and time to the classroom.


St. Peter Central Catholic Preschool encourages a rich ethnic diversity in student population.  Application is open to children of all races, religions, color, disabilities, and national origin.


 Half Day Programs
 Annual Rate 2018-2019
 Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mornings 9:00 - 12:00 $2,500.00
 Tuesday, Thursday Mornings 9:00 - 12:00 $2,100.00
 Monday through Friday Mornings 9:00 - 12:00 $3,250.00
 Full-Day Option    
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 - 3:00 $3,000.00
 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 - 3:00 $3,800.00
 Monday through Friday 9:00 - 3:00 $5,300.00




The tuition is fixed at the above listed rates.  There are no adjustments for sick, vacation or snow days that are called by the Worcester Schools.

Please Note:

The full-day option includes a time for their lunch (packed) and a brief nap between sessions.  Tuition may be made in 10 payments payable at the beginning of each month.  When your child is accepted into the program the last month’s payment which is June is due with your paper work.  That deposit secures a position for your child in the session of your choice. Your deposit is non-refundable and must be returned to St. Peter Central Catholic within two weeks of the date of your child’s acceptance letter to secure the seat.  For families returning to the preschool for a second year, a $50.00 deposit will secure the seat.


Tuition is figured as an annual fee.  It may be paid in full at registration, or in ten equal monthly installments due on the first of each month, beginning in September and ending with June.  Because tuition is an annual fee, no refunds are given for illness, vacation, or snow days.  No accommodations are in place to make up such days.

It is very important that tuition be paid on time.  In the event that tuition payments are late, parent(s) or guardians are given up to one month to make restitution.  If the parents are unable to pay tuition due to extenuating circumstances, they may discuss this issue with the Headmaster.

Click Below for Application Form:(the form is a PDF file)

Preschool Application