Enroll With FACTS 2018 - 2019

Enroll with FACTS 2018 - 2017


Follow these steps to enroll New Students online.  

This is for Grades K-8 only. Please do not complete Step #1 UNTIL you have received an acceptance letter for your child. 

     (Fall Registration) Please do not complete 
      Step #1 UNTIL you have received an                                              acceptance letter for your child. 
  • Step #2: Once at the site, click on First Time User to create a login to the system.
  • Step #3: Follow the instructions on the screen.


We thank you in advance for your commitment to 

Catholic education!

If you have problems completing your online enrollment,

please call 866.441.4637.

St. Peter Central Catholic Elementary School uses an online enrollment/re-enrollmentsystem.

Enrolling online:

  1. Saves time

  2. Eliminates the paper process

  3. Stores the information in one place

  4. Helps to streamline enrollment