You may have known us as St. Peter's School, or you may have known us as Worcester Central Catholic Elementary School. Today, 82 years after this institution was originally conceived as a learning program for area youngsters, we are called St. Peter's Central Catholic Elementary School.

Our history is rich with tradition and achievement. Our school and its environment have long been a source of inspiration and comfort. Generation after generation of families have relied on St. Peter's to challenge, nurture and educate young people from our community.

Our human capital has always been abundant and has enabled St. Peter's to withstand change. An unmistakable excitement permeates the hallways and classrooms, creating a trademark atmosphere for our school, its students and faculty.

St. Peter's Central Catholic Elementary School also proudly reflects the rich diversity and culture of the community it serves. Sitting prominently along Main Street, the school has been a stable influence in Worcester's Main South community that has undergone considerable change in the past quarter-century. Our school attracts students from more that 20 Central Massachusetts cities and towns. Our enrollment features a near equal balance between boys and girls. While we are a member of the Diocesan school system, nearly 20 percent of our students are non-Catholic and one-quarter of our students are African-American, Asian or Hispanic.

First accredited in 1997 by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges,  St. Peter's has just been awarded another ten year accreditation. Our curriculum is strong and responsive to the needs of our children. Our before-and after-school programs, and extra-curricular activities are offered in a safe, friendly and supportive atmosphere.