Pope Francis comes to the United States of America
We pray that Pope Francis' visit will be a blessing for all!
Classes gather in the Auditorium and in classrooms to listen to Pope Francis speak and witness this historic event.

St. Peter

Feast Day: June 29 

       Peter, the first pope, was a fisherman from Galilee. Jesus invited Peter to follow him, saying: "I will make you a fisher of men." Peter was a simple, hard-working man. He was generous, honest and loved Jesus very much.

       This great apostle's name was Simon, but Jesus changed it to Peter, which means "rock." "You are Peter," Jesus said, "and on this rock I will build my Church." 

Our Mission


Saint Peter Central Catholic School is a community of learners.  We nurture children from Preschool through Grade Eight. We provide a caring atmosphere and a sense of belonging by acknowledging each individual. Within our Catholic, culturally diverse community, we endeavor to enrich and foster the intellect and spirit of all who enter. Our environment encourages children to reinforce their connection to God, to make responsible decisions, and to reach their academic potential.

St. Peter Central Catholic 
Grandparents' Day Mass
Friday, October 16, 2015
1:15 PM
St. Peter Central Catholic Auditorium
The Children of St. Peter Central Catholic
invite you to join us for our
Annual Grandparents' Day Celebration.

Manzello Photography will be taking portraits of students with their grandparents in the Reference Library.  Order forms went home on Thursday, October 1.  

There is also information for any grandparents who are presently an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion who may like to participate at Mass.  

Please remember that if children are to be dismissed to a grandparent, the teacher must have a note from the parent.  After Mass, students should return to their homeroom to be dismissed by their homeroom teacher.

God bless our grandparents.
Price Chopper's Tools For Schools
CODE: 14402

Help our school earn 5,000 bonus points for the 
Tools for Schools program.

Our Group ID # is 10600185
     This year we will once again be offering the Entertainment coupon books.  This year brings a new look to this fundraiser, it will be in the form of a coupon card which you will register online and be able to print out the coupons you want for anywhere in the country.  Also, you can download the Entertainment App on your Smartphone and just show the coupon at time of purchase.  For more information, please click on the Entertainment Card picture above.

     The cost per Entertainment coupon card is $20.00.  These make great gifts for any occasion. Help make our fundraiser a huge success!
IT’S Back…Hot Dog Day!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped out today for 

Hot Dog Day. 

Back By Popular Demand…Taco Tuesday! 

Check back for the next Taco Tuesday.

(No order form, money will be collected like pizza)

The Bus Routes for the 2015-2016 year have been published.  Please go to the Bus Schedule page on our website or 
Please check weekly for any updates to the School Bus Schedule.  All new routes have a star after them.

Open Enrollment 

We still have openings in Preschool through Grade 7.  If you are interested, please call 508.791.6496
for more information. 
Please pass this information on to others.
Come be a part of our SPCC family.

2015 - 2016 FACTS

See our 2015 - 2016 Enroll With FACTS Page for more information on using FACTS for enrollment.  Click on the blue link above to be directed right to the

Enroll with FACTS page.

This is for grades K-8 only. Please do not complete Step #1 UNTIL you have received an acceptance letter for your child. 

St. Peter Central Catholic Elementary School uses an online enrollment/re-enrollment system. Enrolling online:

  1. Saves time

  2. Eliminates the paper process

  3. Stores the information in one place

  4. Helps to streamline enrollment


God Bless our Second Graders!
On Friday, May 22, our school family celebrated with the Second Graders, many of whom recently received their First Communion at their home parish.
What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Under the guidance of Mrs. Jocelyn Cowan, a parent at St. Peter’s, the children in Ms. Bello’s 4th Grade class got to observe the miracle of new life up close and personal.  Mrs. Cowan brought in an incubator with fertilized chicken eggs.  The 4th Graders kept watch for almost 21 days before the first chick hatched over the weekend of May 16 -17.  Over the next several days 29 chicks hatched. The children each named their favorites and have spent time observing how they interact with one another.  The chicks went home with Mrs. Cowan, but the 4th Graders learned a lot and had great fun.  Thanks, Mrs. Cowan!

Mrs. Nordahl's Multi-Age 2/3
In Science, we are studying birds.  One bird we learned about was the owl.  The children dissected owl pellets.  They found bones that belonged to small rodents and birds.  This was a wonderful learning experience.  The pictures above show some of the children as they dissected the pellets and found bones.  Enjoy the pictures.
Just unwrapped our owl pellet.
We just started dissecting.
Digging deeper into our pellet.
We are all excited to see what is inside.
Look what we found!

St. Peter Central Catholic

Updated Bus Information
for 2015 - 2016




BUS INFORMATION: The Worcester Public School Transportation Department has issued an application for buses for the 2015-2016 school year.  Every child living in Worcester who will be riding the bus to or from school must complete the application.  The Worcester Public Schools will create bus stop according to the applications they receive.  Please note the Transportation Department will not create bus stops in the fall if an application is not on record. This application is per child not per family. 

Please complete the online application.  The website address for this application is: TransApp.worcesterschools.org (DO NOT USE www.)  If you click on the words above or on the picture of the bus, you will be directed right to the site. School name is St. Peter Central Catholic School.  When signing in, please use:

User Name: spc01610

Password: F89B25615DE6

For a copy of this information, click here.
After signing in, please use the drop down to enter information for 2015-2016.
If a Completeted  Application is Received By:    Transportation Will Begin By:

July 27, 2015                                                            First Day of School

August 24, 2015                                                       September 8, 2015

September 7, 2015                                                   September 21, 2015

End of Day Monday, from Sept. 21 - June, 2016   The Next Monday  

Grade 4 enjoys "Eating their cells."

Eating our Cells

Ms. Bello and Ms. D’Alessandro’s Fourth Grade students are studying about the parts of a cell in Science.  As a special activity, the children created cells out of cookies and a variety of candies and frosting.  After they explained what cell part each candy represented, they were able to eat their “cells”.  It was a delicious lesson!


Click on the picture above to view a video of the students creating edible cells.

Please allow time for loading the video.   Enjoy.

Baptism Day in Grade 2
       Ms. Giuliani and Mrs. Nordahl's Second Graders learned about Baptism.  Once they learned about it, they celebrated the "baptism" of Annette Marie.
       "Father" Massimo welcomed the parents, Ainsley and Colin, and the godparents, Natalie and Jack.  The whole Second Grade was happy to be part of the big day.

Click on the photo to watch a 
Smilebox slideshow of the happy event.
Main Character Puppets
1st Grade reading is fun when you have a supportive 3rd Grade friend!  Mrs. Etre's and Mrs. Riordan's classes partnered together to create Main Character Puppets.
             - they shared a story
             - identified main character
             - planned the type of puppet to make
             - created a checklist of supplies
             - then let their creativity soar!

Great job everyone!

We hope you enjoy the video of our puppets.  Click on the picture on the left.  
Please allow time for it to download.
Grade 5
Paper Mache Cupcake Sculptures

These are some examples of the paper mache cupcakes the the students in Grade 5 made in art.  They were inspired to make them when they studied the American Sculptor Claes Oldenburg. They look good enough to eat!

Catholic Schools' Annual Report  


       The Catholic School Department, of the Diocese of Worcester, has released its Annual Report for Catholic Schools for the 2012-2013 year.  The money that is donated to the Annual Catholic Schools Appeal aids in helping our schools in many ways.  

       Thank you to all who donated to this year's Catholic Schools Appeal in your parishes.  

       Catholic Schools are the whole Church's responsibility.  Let us all invest in a good thing.  Invest in our Catholic Schools.

       There are a couple of pictures of our school in this report along with pictures from other schools.  If you want to read and/or print a copy of the report, please click on the photo above to do so or click here.

Bus Routes for 2014 - 2015
The Bus routes for this year have been posted on the 
Worcester Public School site.  We have also posted it under the 
Parent Info tab as Bus Schedule.  You may click on the words 
Bus Schedule (above) to find the link to download the bus schedule or you may also click here to be directed to the download
The download is a PDF file.

2014 - 2015

The price list can be downloaded by clicking on the image above

or by clicking on the Documents Page of our website.

Download a copy of the price list.  Directions for ordering 

are on the sheets.  Orders may be made either by calling

JB Edward at 508.792.2071(outside MA 800.801.9236)

or online at www.jbedwarduniforms.com.


For online ordering purposes,

St. Peter's school code is 116.

The price list can downloaded by clicking on the image above 

or by clicking on the Documents Page of our website.


2015 - 2016


Gym uniforms for the 2015 - 2016 school year are now available to order.

  Please download the order form, fill it in and send it in with your child.   



*Your order will be delivered to your child's classroom when the 

balance is paid in full.

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